Wake Up to a Meditation Instead of an Alarm

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Wake Up to a Meditation Instead of an Alarm

Did you know that you can wake up to a peaceful meditation in the morning instead of an alarm clock? It’s easy, just use the mobile app in combination with Program Your Life Radio. Each morning at 6:00am and 7:00am PST PYL Radio airs meditations from Anders Holte and Andy Dooley. It’s a fantastic way to wake up slowly and start your day feeling great.

To do this it only takes three easy steps.

1. Install the mobile app on your device and make PYL Radio one of your favorites.
2. Configure the alarm to wake to PYL radio.
3. Keep your device by your bedside.

For more information about Anders Holte or Andy Dooley checkout their websites.

The detailed steps are listed below.

Step One, Get PYL Radio on your phone or tablet
1. On your device, go to your mobile app store
2. Find the radio app and download it
3. Open the app and search for “Program your Life”
4. Select the Radio station and add it to your favorites.

Step Two, Wake Up to a Meditation on PYL Radio
1. Select PYL Radio from your Tunein favorites list.
2. Select Options
3. Click the Enable Alarm checkbox
4. Click Repeat Alarm and select the days of week, then Save
5. Click Alarm Time, choose 6am or 7am PST, then Save
6. Save the the Alarm.

Now just turn off your old alarm clock and enjoy waking up peacefully and feeling great.


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