Transform Your Environment

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Transform Your Environment

The environment in which we live can have a strong effect on our results and outlook on life. Our environment includes the places we live and work, our friends and family, our music, TV shows, activities, hobbies, and social networks. When was the last time you considered the supportiveness of your current environment?

An unhealthy or negative environment can be very difficult to overcome. It can help keep us stuck in a negative mindset and performing activities that are not helpful for our long term success. Unknowingly we may be contributing to this process by hanging on to negative items, people, and places.

The good news is that our environment can be transformed into a positive and supportive place filled with people who love and support you. You don’t have to stay in your current environment. The first step is letting go of the things, places, and people who have a negative influence on you.

Before you can add positive and supportive influences you must first get rid of the old memories that can haunt you. Do you have old clothes you don’t enjoy wearing? Do you have items that remind you of bitter memories? Keeping them around just holds you back. Get rid of any clothes that you don’t love to wear.  Replace them with new clothes you feel amazing in.

This goes for household items as well. Do you have furniture, pictures, lamps, books, or any other items in your house that bring up bad memories? If so, it’s time to clean them out to make room for newer items that make you feel great about yourself. You must let go of the past in order to make room for a better future.

You may have a tendency to hang on to items from your past even if they make you feel bad. Getting rid of these things is not denying your past, it is freeing you from your past. Letting go of the past means that it will no longer define you. Your future will look completely different from your past. It will be bigger and better.

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