The Nadine Lajoie Show (Advice at 180 mph)

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The Nadine Lajoie Show (Advice at 180 mph)

Nadine Lajoie is a #1 Best-Selling Author, an international speaker, championship motorcycle racer, accomplished business leader, musician and vocalist who earned more than 50 podium placements in male-dominated motorcycle competitions.

Born in St-Irénée, Quebec, Canada, Ms. Lajoie had suffered profound discontent and harbored thoughts of suicide as a young woman, but she reached out for help and changed her life “one corner at a time.” Ms. Lajoie now uses her life, business, and motorcycle racing success to inspire audiences (teen and adult) to race toward their own dreams with passion and balance.

Ms. Lajoie earned her B.Sc. in Actuarial Sciences in 1992. In 1995, she launched a highly successful financial planning enterprise — Lajoie des Finances — semi-retired at age 36, and was recognized for eight years running with awards from the Excellence Club of Canada. She also received the Quebec Women’s Business Network award for the best “Established Business of the Year 2007” while working only 133 days a year.

Ms. Lajoie brings unparalleled dynamism, focus, discipline, and vision to every accomplishment — including having been named a Top-10 volleyball player at the Canadian Nationals, before injuries compelled her to change direction.

In 1999, Ms. Lajoie began a course of personal and spiritual development at The Institute for Personal Growth, under the direction of Annie Marquier in Quebec, Canada.


In 2001, she bought herself a motorcycle for pleasure, and two years laterstarted motorcycle racing for sport. In 2007, she secured a Third-place finish at Daytona Raceway, against 75 men and scored 9th overall in the WERA National Championship in the USA.

In 2008, Ms. Lajoie formed her own real estate investment firm, Nadynn International Inc., which operates in four states with four partner teams. Her rapid success led her to greater financial independence, while enabling her to help other investors and partners to achieve their own financial goals. For more than a decade, Ms. Lajoie has enjoyed a journey of personal and spiritual growth.

After purchasing a recreational motor home, Ms. Lajoie set off on a solo tour of 21 of the United States. During her unique journey, she expanded her professional network with a team of nationally recognized advisors who helped propel her to greater success.

In 2010, she signed a contract with Tendril Press to author her first solo book, Win the Race of Life at 180 MPH! with Balance and Passion. This book is written to inspire teens and adults to stay engaged with life and believe in themselves while racing toward their dreams.

Ms. Lajoie is the co-author in the book “Fight for your Dreams” published by one of the world’s leading motivational speakers and renowned coach Les Brown. You can get both books right here on the website!


Ms. Lajoie now spends a great deal of her time making appearances at major events, using her talents as an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Championship Motorcycle racer to empower others to realize that they too have dreams and with the right coaching and strategy, these dreams can come true!


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