The Myth of the Chosen One

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The Myth of the Chosen One

We’ve all heard the stories and legends of those that were the chosen ones. They were instilled at birth or by another with special virtues and skills that set them apart from everyone else. Everything comes naturally to them. They require no effort to accomplish great tasks. They feel no fear but may doubt their abilities. They have intellect and wisdom far above our own. They may not have acquired greatness yet but it’s just a matter of time until they do.

Hollywood loves this storyline. In a classic example, Eddie Murphy starred in the movie “The Golden Child” in 1986. It begins in a temple in the distance land of Nepal. A young boy there has mystical powers and abilities. He shows this power to the monks of the temple and revives a dead bird to their amazement. Then, to create the movie plot, he is captured by some villains and held hostage.

Next, Eddie Murphy, a social worker in Los Angeles is contacted by a mysterious Asian women who tells him of the kidnapping and that he is the chosen one who will save the child. He initially doubts his abilities and her but soon finds himself on the search for the captors. Ultimately he finds the courage and strength to find and save the boy and win the girl. Why does he do this? Does he do this because he was the chosen one? Who chose him? Initially it appears the girl chooses him based upon some divine guidance. He struggles to believe in her but ultimately I believe he chooses himself.

There are many other movies that show men and women that are chosen somehow for greatness. War movies often show soldiers who are chosen to perform a great mission. These men usually earn it the hard way. But more often we see examples of people who are able to achieve their goals not through hard work, determination, vision, and persistence. No, these chosen ones achieve their goals by having special abilities and or luck. They set an unfortunate example for the world that you are either born or chosen for greatness or you are not.

Where are the successful stories of the countless men and women who weren’t born with anything special? The ones who were born poor, uneducated, disadvantaged, and fearful. Where are the stories of the ones who were abused, imprisoned, beaten, and neglected? We rarely see these types of stories in the popular media.

With role models like those shown in the Golden Child its little wonder that people don’t believe success can happen for them. We need role models that show people of modest means transforming their lives and finding their own greatness. If we had more role models such as this it would empower our nation.

Let’s return to the Eddie Murphy movie. He is a man with unlimited potential just like all of us. He is living below his potential and dealing with his own fears and doubts. Sounds familiar right? Suddenly he is chosen for a great deed by a mysterious beautiful women. This is the catalyst that puts him on a journey to discover his inner strength, creativity, and wisdom. He is able to overcome the bad guys and save a child from danger. Something he could never have imagined doing a few days earlier.

What made the difference? He was chosen somehow… The act of being chosen allowed him to rise above his current situation and become the person that was always inside him waiting to be released. Even though he was chosen by the girl he needed to believe in himself to accomplish the tasks required to succeed. The real reason for his success becomes when he eventually chooses himself. When that inner event finally happens his inner genius is released.

So what is the lesson in this story? Should you wait for a mysterious person to choose you for a secret mission? How long do you think you might wait for this to happen? The truth is that Eddie Murphy had the power to choose himself at any time. He didn’t need to wait to be chosen. Once he made the decision to chose himself for greatness he was able to achieve it.

The same is true for each of us. Many of us wander the world waiting to be chosen for greatness. Our greatness is already there waiting for us to chose it for ourselves. The act of choosing ourselves is a simple and profound choice. By doing it we are affirming to ourselves and the world that our lives are important and we have much to give. Once we recognize our greatness and make the choice to live to our full potential we begin to get out of our own way. That is because for many, we are the ones who limit ourselves not the greater world around us.

We make excuses for our self imposed limitations. We say things like “I could never do that…” Each time we justify our limitations we get to keep them. Each time we do this we drive them a little deeper into our subconscious mind until we ultimately believe it. We can build a life of limitation very easy this way. It can become an ever shrinking box of limitation and fear. However, it is a box of our own making and only we have the key to open it. So let’s not stand in our own way in life. Let’s shake off any self imposed limitations. They are only lies that we have allowed to grow in our minds for too long. We can and must throw them out like pulling weeds in a garden. And we start this process by choosing ourselves for greatness.

We choose ourselves because we have unlimited potential.
We choose ourselves because we have gifts to give the world.
We choose ourselves because we are no better or worse than anyone else.
We choose ourselves because we have big goals to achieve.
We choose ourselves because the world needs strong leaders.
We choose ourselves because we are tired of living with less.
We choose ourselves because we care about our families.
We choose ourselves because we are worth it.
We choose ourselves because we are dissatisfied with our current lives.
We choose ourselves because nobody else will.

Only we can choose ourselves.
Only we can believe in ourselves.
Only we can overcome our fears.
Only we can be confident of our abilities.
Only we can fulfill our own destiny.
Only we can save the world.

Does the act of choosing yourself provide you with special skills and abilities? In a way it does. It unlocks your creativity and inner resources. It provides you with the strength and courage to start moving towards your goals. And it allows you to take responsibility for your life and stop depending upon others to save you.

Chosen ones don’t expect things to be easy.
Chosen ones do look for important things in their life for guidance.
Chosen ones don’t waste time on the endless distractions in life.
Chosen ones do maintain close relationships with their families and friends.
Chosen ones don’t want to fit in.
Chosen ones stay away from the comfort zone.
Chosen ones take time to be alone with their thoughts.
Chosen ones know that failure is the price of success.
Chosen ones take responsibility for their lives and don’t make excuses.
Chosen ones are honest with themselves and others.
Chosen ones speak kindly to themselves and others.
Chosen ones are humble.
Chosen ones have written goals.
Chosen ones have extraordinary ideas.
Chosen ones feel fear but it doesn’t stop them. In fact, it attracts them.

The lesson here is that chosen ones do exist but they are not chosen by anyone else. They were not born that way, blessed by god, or given magical powers by a guru. Chosen ones are people who believe in themselves and know that they are capable of anything. They see that the world needs leadership, courage, compassion, love, good food, clean water, and wealth. Then, they choose themselves as the best person to accomplish these tasks utilizing persistence, courage, love, determination, or whatever it takes. They choose to make a difference.

By Joe Parker


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