Take Action to Achieve – The Rise of the Chosen Ones

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Take Action to Achieve – The Rise of the Chosen Ones

The bottom line of any self-improvement program or personal pursuit is you must take action. Everything else is just internal preparation and strategies to make sure the actions you take are in alignment with your values and will make you feel happy and fulfilled. Having fun along the way is a big part of it.

When you start on the journey towards personal development there are steps that don’t require much physical action. You must gain awareness that you are the only person who can change your life. You must review your past and determine the way it affected you and how it is holding you back. You must then let go of your past and recreate who you want to be and set goals.

After that, you are in the position to take powerful actions to change your life. This is also the place where all those negative thoughts are beliefs that you want to let go of will come back and haunt you. Many times your actions will be slowed or halted because of the previous steps not being completed.
Actions are easy when we are not judging ourselves, making up stories about the future, or feeling unworthy of the potential results.

It is the negative meaning we are placing on the actions that make them difficult. So we perceive all of these negative thought patterns as fear. We do not like fear so many of us stop when it come up.

Les Brown, the world’s leading motivational speaker, likes to say “You have greatness within you”. He also says “You’ve got to be hungry.” I agree with him and will add that the only way you are going to create that greatness is to act like you are hungry. People that are hungry will take any action necessary to get fed.

When you are hungry you don’t make up stories that the food won’t be good enough or that it won’t be your favorite meal. You don’t feel unworthy of eating. You won’t judge your own eating habits when the food arrives. You also won’t worry that you might eat so much that you will get a stomach ache. You just take action and focus on your goal of eating.

This is how you to approach taking actions towards your goals. You focus on what you want and do whatever is necessary. You clear your mind of all judgments, worry, unworthiness, and doubt. You just continue to take the action steps one by one. As you do you look for the benefits of precession. It will bring you opportunities just because you are in motion towards your goal.

As you take action you will over obstacles, push through fear walls, and gain confidence. Each step will build the foundation of your new life. Each win along the way is more evidence that the new beliefs you have developed in yourself are true. Each mistake is just a learning experience that makes you smarter and stronger.

Taking action builds momentum towards your goal. Even little actions keep the momentum flowing. So it is important that we take actions everyday towards our goals no matter how small they may seem. Take one hour a day to do something to get you closer to your goal. It can be reading, studying, talking to people, or creating a product, service, or a work of art.

If an hour taking action five days a week is too much for you, take at least 15 minutes. Everyone has 15 minutes to an hour each day to devote towards their goals. If you are unable to devote this time then you either need more exciting goals, or need to stop doing unproductive behaviors. Taking daily time to work on your goals is the price you pay for success.

You inner work and awareness training will give you the foundation for recreating yourself. One this is done, taking action and belief in yourself are all that is needed for success. Begin your journey to personal success and don’t skimp on the action. It’s where the wheels of your chariot to wealth, happiness, or health hit the road. It is where the real journey and fun in life begin.

This is an except from the soon to be released book called, The Rise of the Chosen Ones: How you can be chosen for greatness, by Joseph C. Parker


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