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Success Factors

Believe it or not but Success is a predictable thing.  The people who study it, learn the skills and techniques, and then put them into practice in their lives consistently are successful.  The people who think that success is based upon luck, position, heritage, ruthlessness, or athletic skill don’t spend the time studying.  They don’t think it is possible for them and so it isn’t.  From my research the factors to success are very simple.  Anyone is capable of understanding them and taking the necessary actions.  In fact the factors to success are not even secrets.  They are obvious and simple though most people fail to grasp the power of simple things.  

They can be described with an acronym as easy as ABC. The acronym of ABC contains the formula but it is more often ordered as CBA.  The first letter is C.  This stands for Conceive.  Conceive what you want.  See it in your imagination.  See it in great detail.  Imagine the end result of what you want.  Is it a business? home? car? wealth? love? health?  Conceive it in your mind in as much clarity as you can create.  This is the step of creation.  As Mike Dooley says “Thoughts become things”.  These things must exist in your mind before they will exists in the real world.  Be single mindedly and focused on what you want.  We all want multiple things but focusing on one thing is much more powerful than scattered focus.  I have heard that most people get only this far.  Those who write down what they want or draw pictures or vision boards do even better. Ask Brian Tracy.

Next comes the letter B.  This letter means Believe.  You must believe you can have it.  Believe that it is possible for you.  Even believe that you already have it.  This is where most people stop.  They may think, what’s the point of believing in something that doesn’t exist?  I can’t just make stuff up!  The point is that unless you believe you are worthy of what you want you will always sabotage yourself and fail to get it.  Any actions you take will be half steps, feeble attempts, tries instead of do’s.  Your willpower will be weak and so will your results.  You must believe you already have it so that your mind will accept your worthiness of it.  Without belief when you fail it will be because of made up excuses such as resources, time, money, connections, tactics, and skills.  These excuses will always mask the truth that you didn’t fully commit.  You never thought it was possible for you.  You never truly believed. When you see yourself as already having it, you deserve it.  You actually feel the feeling of having it.  That feeling is very important because you can’t have what you can’t feel.  Self worth comes from feelings not thoughts.  Thoughts create rationalizations but feelings make decisions.  So, change your feelings about what you deserve and your decisions change.  When your decisions change your results change.  When your results change your level of success increases dramatically.  

The final letter is A.  A stands for Achieve.  It is also the actions you will take naturally and easily once you believe your goal is possible for you.  That you actually deserve it.  Many people think that you Achieve before you Believe but that is not the proper order.  Belief must come before Achievement is possible.  Belief is what drives you forward.  Belief is what makes you strong, persistent, consistent, and resourceful.  Belief brings together money, relationships, and skills as needed.  Belief means that if one tactic to success doesn’t work you just do another.  Mistakes become feedback that you need to adjust your strategy.  Mistakes mean nothing about you they are just good information to sharpen your skills.  Actions driven by belief have amazing power and effectiveness.  Actions driven by belief show true leadership and everyone wants to support a leader.  People naturally follow people who believe in themselves and are taking bold action.  Boldness is the result of true belief.

So to review, the factors to success are as simple as ABC or more specifically CBA.  Conceive your goal or dream, Believe you deserve it, and Achieve it through bold action.  The specific actions that you take do not need to be correct ones at first and you will make mistakes.  Mistakes are good because they provide the feedback needed to find the win-win solutions of success.  So Conceive, Believe, and Achieve is the simple solution to success.  Is this solution too simple for you?  Some people have a need for complicated solutions.  Don’t be over-complicate things.  Grasp this easy process and success will be yours.

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