Recognize the Power of Fear

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Recognize the Power of Fear

Fear can be very powerful. We can allow it to stop us from taking action towards our goals. It can manifest as fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of public speaking, and many others. Before you can become a chosen one you must recognize and overcome your fears.

Our fears need to be constantly challenged. Fears left to fester in the mind will grow larger and reduce the size of our comfort zone. We must consistently push against these fears to expand our limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are fear based. Once we reduce fear our beliefs expand and so do our capabilities.

Modern society is so fear based. Product marketing, politicians, and even news organizations feed upon our fears. They even event fears where they should not exist to motivate us to take actions that do not benefit us or to prevent us from taking action. It is easy to allow fear to enter the mind and control our actions.

Chosen ones must recognize the power of fear and when it is being used against them. How much of what you see and hear is motivated by fear? TV is full of fear. They feed our fear of growing old, fear of being fat, and fear of public humiliation. They must actively work to reduce and eliminate these fears. A good way to do this is to stop watching TV and radio shows that create fears.

Seek news and information that builds confidence and peacefulness. Stay away from fearful people. Some people love to pass their fears to you. Recognize any incoming thoughts and events that are fear based. Once you recognize them you can take actions to avoid the fears or overcome them.

The novice must learn to recognize the power of fear. Fear can be used to motivate you towards your goals as well. You can become more fearful of doing nothing than moving towards your goals. We should fear the life of wasted potential, fear being old and poor, and fear being unhealthy. Then use these fears to move you forward.

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