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Joseph C. Parker
Author, Host of the PYL Podcast, Entrepreneur


At a critical point in my life I realized that when it came to my business success goals I had two choices. One, scale them back so that I accepted my progress in the world. Two, do something different in life because my results were not matching my goals and dreams. I had made great progress in life. Graduated from college with BA in Finance and went on to Graduate school and achieved an MBA. I had a stable Information Technology job making over $100k a year, a great marriage, and two kids. I even had real estate investments. My two rental houses had survived the real estate bust although they barely paid the mortgages. With all this success I was still just living paycheck to paycheck. It seemed the money was always spent before it arrived.

My goal was to be financially independent. Own my own business and make enough money to travel and control my time. I wanted a house on acreage with a shop and drive a new car every year. I wanted to see the world while I was still young enough to enjoy it. My attempts to start my own business had all met with failure. I usually gave up before the opportunity had a chance to blossom. Or I would find another idea that looked better and jump from one thing to another. The common thread was I was afraid to fail, afraid to look stupid, trying to be perfect, and afraid of success. Frozen by my own fears and doubts and having no system to guide me. I finally realised that my lack of success was my own responsibility. So, I decided to put a program into place to change my results.

iflyI started taking personal development classes with my wife and it paid dividends. I rediscovered my dreams and got excited about my life. I started taking some risks again.  My limiting beliefs were being challenged and changed as I blew past my comfort zone. It started working! I got a promotion at work and a raise. I met lots of other people who were taking themselves on and made new friends. I started my own business and began building it in my spare time. Things were going in a better direction but something was still missing. I was too easily distracted by life’s interruptions and would fall back into negative thinking. There were still so many negative influences in my life such as the TV, Radio, critical “friends”, and social media. I knew I had the tools to be successful but not a consistent system to keep me ontrack. I realized I needed to create a system to programming myself for success just like you program software to perform a task. I thought, Could I really Program My Life for Success?

Why not? That’s what the advertising on TV, Radio, the Internet is really all about. They are trying to program us to buy their product, think their way, or take some action that helps them but not necessarilly us. They are trying to program us and it’s working for them! They spend billions to program us anyway they want. So, why can’t I use this for myself? Put a system into place that actively programs me to achieve my goals instead of theirs. That’s when I decided to create Program Your Life Radio. So I built an Internet Radio station that contains audio content that is positive, uplifting, feeds my self confidence, and provides opportunities to grow. It has audio content from top motivational speakers such as Bob Proctor, Nadine Lajoie, and Jim Britt. It has comedy shows with a postive twist. It also has inspiring original music from unsigned artists that will soon be discovered.

PYL_Radio_Logo_200pxI created Program Your Life Radio (PYL Radio) for myself so that I would have a constant daily stream of positive content to balance out the negative influences. I listen to it daily and you can too. It’s free music and inspiring stories in a streaming Internet radio format. You can download songs from many of the artists for free. The station is constantly adding new material. Artists can submit original audio material for airplay. The station already has listeners in almost 40 countries and growing. It’s a critical piece of my personal success system but I’m just getting started.

My first book, called The Rise of the Chosen Ones: How to choose yourself for greatness, is available now. It transforms the powerful myth of the chosen one into a way that be can all become chosen. We don’t need others to choose us to be successful. It contains all the core beliefs, habits, characteristics, environments, and strategies a chosen one wants to be a winner. Then, it goes on to provide a path and levels every personal improvement enthusiast can use to determine their progress on the road to becoming a true master. Subscribe to my blog to find out more and then get your copy when it is available. See the Book page

In summary, I am achieving my personal goals by putting a system in place that ensures my success. You know, systems work where self discipline falls short. What about you? Are you Programming Your Life for Success or is Life Programming You? Take control now and start listening today to expand your life.

Program Your Life Radio

By Joseph C. Parker