Mark Romero – Musician

mark_romero3Now you have an opportunity to create the optimal vibration for success and excellence for yourself and your family through Mark’s powerful systems of harmonizing music.  By simply playing this music you will…

  • Protect yourself from the negative effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
  • Heighten your creativity, intuition and sixth sense
  • Dramatically reduce your stress
  • Bring balance and harmony into your environment
  • Bring more health, wellness, and vitality to the body
  • Eliminate anxiety and expand the capacity for joy

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“We live in a world that is rapidly changing. Our understanding of the universe and the nature of life have been completely rewritten thanks to quantum physics.”

We previously thought we were solid bone, muscle, and organs, but we now realize that we are made of energy. In fact, everything in the material world, when broken down beyond the molecular level, is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Mark_Romero2

Things only appear solid because our senses have been calibrated to receive certain wavelengths of vibration, giving us our sight, touch, smell, feeling, and hearing. The bottomline is… everything is energy!

Quantum physics basically says that we are made of the same energy that set the universe in motion. We are amazing expressions of this thing called life.


Here’s what a former top-consultant to NASA said about Mark’s music:

“Mark’s music is what we call organizing music. When we look at what Mark’s music does to the physical body, we see an increase in flexibility, strength, coordination, endurance and balance. The music also keeps people in a coherent state when exposed to Electro Magnetic Fields from cell phones and other electronic devices.”

– Dr. Ronald Jones, Ph.D.- Former Top-Ranking Consultant to NASA

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