It’s a No Brainer…Why isn’t everyone doing this?

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thurberMarshall Thurber has mentored the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield, and Tony Robbins to name a few.  He is regarded as the teacher of teachers when it comes to personal and business success.  According to Marshall, ” Network Science is the predominent dynamic for success in the 21st Century”.  Robert Kiyosaki is the best selling author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book series and workshops.  He is an expert on real estate investing.   Robert says, “The Rich build networks, the Poor look for work.”

What this means is that everyone who is serious about getting out of the rat race should be in the Network business.  The power of networks is what has made thousands of people rich through the leverage they provide.   Leverage is the key ingredient to success that networks provide.  What is Leverage?  Leverage comes from the simple concept of a Lever which was invented in ancient times to help move large objects with a long stick and a fulcrum.   The amount of pressure that was needed to move objects was much smaller when applied at the end of a long Lever.   One man could multiple his strength by many times by the use of a Lever.  That same concept of multiplying your efforts through Leverage still applies today.  It can be exercised in modern times through the use of networks.

Examples of Leverage through networks today are everywhere.  Authors use books for leverage because they can sell them many times.  Actors make movies that are shown to millions.  TV and Radio networks broadcast a single show or song to thousands.  Professional athletes gain Leverage through the media coverage they acquire through top performances.  Banks use Leverage by making loans that have require small financial reserves.

How can the average personal looking for success use Leverage?  They can most easily create their own Leverage by creating a Network or getting into alignment with an existing Network.  The cool part is that there are lots of ways to do this.   Let’s look at getting into alignment with an existing network.  The process involves two basic steps.  One, join a for profit network.  Two, develop the skills and belief in yourself to build your own network team.

These networks also provide you with the support you need to be successful.  They provide training, motivation, and technical resources.  Some have online capture pages to recruit customers and clients who will help you build your business.  Find a network that appeals to you and get started today.  You must learn to leverage a network if you want to be successful in the 21st century. Here is my favorite network for getting wealthy and receiving personal success lessons from two top success coaches. They provide a system that gives you weekly motivational videos and a solid monthly income wealth creation system for members.

Quanta Path – Personal coaching with Jim Britt and Jim Lutes


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