God’s Perfect Love by Jalon Ekholm

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God’s Perfect Love by Jalon Ekholm

The stars within me
     illuminate a new destination
A pathway to greatness
     is beginning to shake my foundation
Like the blackened mountains
     silhouetted in the night
A courageous new woman
     is coming into sight
This woman embodies
     a strong feminine grace
A surge of passion and confidence
     have opened up her face
She is abundantly caring
     and radiant like the moon
She has the power to tantalize
     and make others swoon
But, that is only a part of her
     she has so many sides
In her heart and mind
     is where the true glory resides
She is a complicated creature
     a special gift from above
Magnificent, soft, yet masculine
     God’s most perfect love.

This poem was written by Jalon Ekholm For more info about her extraordinary story visit


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