Enjoy Country Music from Julia Forrester

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Enjoy Country Music from Julia Forrester

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country music from Julia

Julia La Tierna (Forrester) is a musician and songwriter. Born in the outskirts of LA County California, she grew up singing in her Dads’ Youth Choir in local gospel churches. Julia was inspired by her older brother playing records of classic rock through her bedroom walls. Exposure to artists such as Blood ,Sweat and Tears, Eric Clapton, and The Allman Brothers were her earliest inspirations and led to a desire to play music.

With the help of musician youth leaders, friends and family, Julia taught herself to play and started writing her own songs . Her first audience was a poetry reading at Sun Valley Jr. High,1974. Julia likes to surround herself with musicians who support her goals of promoting a positive message of love and prayers to the outlying communities.

The “Love without Mercy” cover is her first recording on Sound Cloud with more original projects on the way. Julia now resides in Suquamish Wa. She is a mother of four sons.

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