New Single from Dreaming Up Life (Twin Suns)

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New Single from Dreaming Up Life (Twin Suns)

The band Twin Suns has been renamed to Dreaming Up Life.  Their second single is called “I AM here”. This is how Patrick describes the song.

This one features a “saxophone choir” I did myself by overdubbing numerous baritone and tenor sax tracks. Rather like a one-man horn section. I wrote the lyrics after holding my little grandson in my arms and looking deep in his eyes. I was overwhelmed by the feelings of love and protectiveness. I realized I would do ANYTHING to keep him safe, nurture him, help him grow. THEN I realized I felt that way about every living soul on Earth (or off it for that matter.) All humanity are my children when it comes to love and nurturing. The chords just kind of presented themselves, and then Joah’s superb and amazing piano playing brought them to life.

Tune to PYL Radio to hear it.


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