Communication is…the response I get

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Communication is…the response I get

What is Communication?

Marshall Thurber’s definition of communication is “the response I get”.  This means that if someone else doesn’t understand what you said, you didn’t communicate it well enough.  In other words, they didn’t get it.  So, it’s best when we take responsibility for being unclear and find another way to help them understand us.  We can also take the time to have them repeat what we said so we can make sure they got it.

Living your life above the line means that you take responsibility when things go wrong like communication.  You want to be a learner to become better.  You always ask yourself, “What can I learn from this situation?”  This means you are always on the learning team and you don’t have to be “perfect”.  You just need to pay attention to your mistakes and make changes to be better.

Being responsible for your life feels good too.  You feel stronger every time you do it.  You are refusing to be a victim in any situation.  You are becoming more than you once were and will be rewarded at a higher level.

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