Change your belief change your life

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Change your belief change your life

Watch the webinar and discover the power of beliefs in your life.  PSYCH-K Webinar with Rita Soman

SIGN UP for the Workshop coming up next weekend!!

PSYCH-K Workshop in Bellevue (near Seattle, WA) to 
April 25-27, 2014
Golf Course, Bellevue, WA

This workshop is packed with great info and effective tools. It is recommended to those who want to resolve their past and realize their dreams, easily and quickly! Bring a list of goals you want to work on.
Contact: Robert Leahy Minerva Galas Joe Parker

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For more info call/text Rita Soman at: 503-307-3287
Catch early bird price of $495 by 4/11/14, later $595.


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