Is Your Business Idea Small?

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Is Your Business Idea Small?

Most business ideas start small but they don’t have to stay that way. Do you have a great small business idea? Are you wondering how to get started and what the best business theories apply? According to Marshall Thurber, one of the best business teachers of our time, there are easy and tough ways to get started. Marshall teaches a series of business courses that provide students with techniques and theories that are guaranteed to work. The entry level course is called Business and You.

In that course he outlines several strategies that even the biggest businesses overlook. Is your business idea small? It doesn’t have to be. There are several little known strategies that can turn any small business idea into a huge company. Let me share a few of them from the course.

The first strategy is called Dynamic Value (DyVal). DyVal is the value your product or service brings to the marketplace. What problem does it solve? How much money does it save? How does it improve people’s lives. The more DyVal you have the more potential your have to be wildly successful. It can be an entirely new product/service or a modification of an existing idea. DyVal is not a static concept. You don’t just create it once. It must evolve with time or the competition will catch you. All successful businesses start with a high DyVal. It creates demand. Make sure you have this figured out before moving forward.

The second strategy is called leverage. Leverage is the way you market and delivery your product/service so that you don’t have to do it all yourself. Personal service businesses such as massage therapy and consulting have low leverage. You only have two hands to work with. Leverage comes in many forms: financial, social, network, and capital to name a few. Make sure your business idea has lots of leverage. One of the best ways to utilize leverage these days is to use the Internet. The Internet is the best leverage vehicle ever invented. A single website or blog post can potentially seen by millions or billons of customers. The Internet can be used for both marketing your product and even delivery if you are providing information or digital content. Make sure you use the Internet is a part of your leverage strategy.

The third strategy is passion or alignment with your values. Your business idea has to be something that you are passionate about and you will feel good doing. If you have an idea that you don’t love but you think will be profitable don’t do it. Anything out of alignment with your values and that you will not get excited about will not work. It will cause internal conflict and ultimately you will sabotage yourself in the end. For business ideas to work you will need lots of internal resources and drive. That comes from ideas that you truly believe in. Allow your values to guide you and be excited.

The fourth strategy or idea is called precession. Precession is how celestial bodies in motion such as planets that have gravity/magetism affect each other. As planets rotate in the universe their magetism affects other planets and stars around them. The planets alter their courses or rotate around each other. The same is true for humans. You have magetism. Your business ideas and attitudes have a magetic affect on everyone around you. As you put your ideas into motion this will cause opportunities to come into your life that would not have otherwise arrived. They key here is not to be so single focused that you miss these opportunities. When you understand procession you’ll watch for these opportunities and seize them.

Many times these come from 90 degrees of your intended goal. For example a book deal may come from a training class that you offer. Or a partnership may arise from your association with other entreprenuers or customers. Your true goal may not be what you set out to accomplish. However, you must be IN MOTION for this to work. Think of the honey bee. The bees goal is to make honey when it visits the flower. It moves between flowers collecting pollen. Yes, it makes honey from the pollen but it’s higher purpose ends up being the cross pollination of plants. The bee is unaware of it’s higher purpose but you don’t have to be. Always be on the lookout for your higher purpose or the opportunity that arises from precession. It’s how the universe moves towards you as you move towards your goals.

There are many other strategies in the Business and You course. If you are interested in learning more about this topic visit the website. If you are looking for a DyVal opportunity that uses the leverage of the Internet take the Quanta Path. Also, checkout the Program Your Life Radio network. It’s Free Internet Radio. It has lots of positive ideas and music to keep your mind in a creative and productive mode. Keep thinking big and best of luck on your journey to success.

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