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My 1st book will be released on January 15, 2017

The Rise of the Chosen Ones:
How to Choose Yourself for Greatness

Foreword by Bob Proctor

Here’s is what people are saying:

“Everyone needs a framework as a guide on their personal success journey.  No other book provides the complete steps from initial awareness to ultimately mastering your life.  In the book, The Rise of the Chosen Ones: How to Choose Yourself for Greatness, by Joseph C. Parker, the concepts needed at each level are provided to track your progress.”
~ Nadine Lajoie, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, International Leadership Speaker and Business Mentor.

“Are you looking for the fast track to achieving greatness in your life? Joseph C. Parker’s book, The Rise of the Chosen Ones: How to Choose Yourself for Greatness, is a must read. He gives you practical steps and guidelines for developing the proper mindset so you can shatter your limiting beliefs and achieve the greatness you desire now.”
~Andy Dooley – Co-founder of TUT.COM and creator of Vibration Activation™.

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Here is a synopsis of the book:
There is a myth that has been handed down throughout history. It’s the myth of the chosen one. These few people are supposedly selected for greatness from a higher source. Their destiny is to accomplish amazing tasks and they possess knowledge, wisdom, and skills others do not. We see this myth in many movies and books such as Star Wars and Harry Potter.

We will discover that many chosen ones really do exist.  However, they are self-made and not anointed by others. The supreme act of choosing themselves is the mental key that makes some people great and others not. We shall see that everyone has a chance to become one of the chosen ones. You will be given a chance to become one too.

We will show a powerful psychological model that contains all the core components a chosen one needs for success. It provides not only the necessary personal power concepts such as awareness and the sub-conscious mind but it also provides key business strategies such as Intellectual Property. You will be instructed how to utilize this model to raise your self-concept.

Finally, a structured path for the journey of the chosen ones will be made clear and the progression levels from initiate to master will be revealed. This framework will guide anyone through the maze of self-improvement concepts. If you chose the path for yourself you will be given the knowledge, actions, and skills required to attain each level.

My Co-authored Book has been released.

HERE’S HOW I DID IT!:stardom-books-vol-2

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