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Autumn Electric Has a Unique SoundAutumn Electric Has a Unique Sound

Autumn Electric Has a Unique Sound

Catapulting Autumn Electric into the progressive rock genre, “Flowers for Ambrosia” was released in January of 2014. Boasting their strongest lineup yet, Autumn Electric delivers a masterpiece of deeply emotional storytelling. The songs fit together like a perfect puzzle of a rollercoaster ride, transporting you from dark guitar riffs and images to a rolling, beat-driven boat ride to a short, bouncy visit in the woods.
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Learn about the band http://www.autumn-electric.com

Rapper AP Debuts New MusicRapper AP Debuts New Music

Rapper AP Debuts New Music

Program Your Life radio is proud to announce the debut of our first Rap artist AP. AP based in Seattle is also known as AnxiousP. AP says “while I do talk about some real dark things that happened to me, I am preaching a message that “everything’s good” and people don’t have to live the way I did. I don’t condone any such behaviors or support them. I represent changing for the better and doing good.”
Support him here https://soundcloud.com/anxiousp

Chapa sings about Golden TimesChapa sings about Golden Times

Chapa sings about Golden Times

Chapa, a SEATTLE-based musical artist, represents the fusion of intelligent and individualistic talents into a collective that explores the less-worn paths of music, discovering new sounds and aural ideas for the public’s consumption.  Chapa’s music has been called a “beautifully blended mixture of classical instrumentation, modern grooves, and timeless stories” and is, according to Russell Chapa, most succinctly summed up as “orchestral folk.”

“Music is something that makes you feel jovial, warm, sad, hopeful, vibrant, understood and loved all at once,” Chapa says, describing his passion for creating evocative, fresh sounds that defy convention. In regard to the group’s experimentation, he offers this thought: “Play the music that you love to play.” It’s a simple secret, he believes, to creating music that sets itself apart and offers something exciting for a jaded listening community. And to keep things fun, he shares this advice: “Treat life with a smile.”

Listen to his music on PYL radio or at www.chapamusic.com

UK Rapper Flint Bedrock is AmazingUK Rapper Flint Bedrock is Amazing

UK Rapper Flint Bedrock is Amazing

Flint Bedrock is a UK based Artist with a unique take on music. He is a multi-talented singer-songwriter, rapper and producer whose philosophy on music is that it should be heartfelt and not just a social hype or trend as most of the music today which Flint_Bedrockhe describes as fast food music due to its lack of longevity and substance. He produces most of his music and has had the pleasure of working with some internationally renowned figures in the music industry. Flint says he doesn’t seek fame but merely a voice to affect positive change and to have influence on things that matter to him such as poverty, racial discrimination and basic human rights.

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Jones and Fischer Play Hot Country MusicJones and Fischer Play Hot Country Music

Jones and Fischer Play Hot Country Music

Jones & Fischer is a country-rock group based out of Seattle

Darin Jones and San Antonio native; Caleb Fischer, comprise the powerhouse front men of Seattle, Washington’s newest upcoming original country/rock group: Jones & Fischer! Move over Nashville, this band proves that the standard formula for which makes a country band successful and commercial is child’s play! They are doing it all themselves the old fashioned way, learning and honing their craft and gaining new fans one show at a time with a full time schedule. All six members of J & F are multi-instrumentalists covering a lot of musical ground with saxophone, banjo, mandolin, keyboard, fiddle, harmonica, drums, stand up bass, acoustic and electric guitar.

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Sagafoo plays “Attack of the Fleas”Sagafoo plays “Attack of the Fleas”

Sagafoo plays “Attack of the Fleas”

Sagafoo Is a seattle born musician, a drummer first and foremost, Sagafoo has recently released a 7 song solo e.p. self titled “SagaFoo” containing the hits, “Water” , “every days a holiday” “Skatin USA” “Reputation” (from sagafoo.com Tribute to KISS) “Kill my boss” (by John Mitchell) and the hit “so sorry”.  Sagafoo also does oldschool graphic arts featuring collage art and Comix.  The song “Attack of the Fleas” about his cat is featured on PYL Radio.

Get more information and support the artist here

Robert Brown sings what to do “When in Rome”Robert Brown sings what to do “When in Rome”

Robert Brown sings what to do “When in Rome”

Robert Brown is from Seattle, he plays in a band called EverAfter and continues to develop his solo
music such as When In Rome. Robert is currently living in Edmonds, Washington. Here is his Reverbnation website. Give him some love and enjoy listening to him on PYL Radio. PYL Radio welcomes Robert to the station and we know our listeners will enjoy his music.

Are the Shadytones the Last Psychedelic Pop Group?Are the Shadytones the Last Psychedelic Pop Group?

Are the Shadytones the Last Psychedelic Pop Group?

The Shadytones have a unique style. They have been described as The Northwests last Psychedelic pop group, with a sort of Pink Floyd meets Willie Nelson sound. They manage to balance the two styles quite well, a feat that shows that shows an impressive musical prowess. Their most recent release, Sold Out!, is a prime example of how they have created a sound of their own and are having fun doing it. The E.P. album released 2013. Listen to “Carry you away” and “The broken two” for free on PYL Radio.
https://www.facebook.com/TheShadytones has all their music.

Mike Body weaves Christian Rap and Hiphop with soulMike Body weaves Christian Rap and Hiphop with soul

Mike Body weaves Christian Rap and Hiphop with soul

Mike Body was born and raised in West Baltimore, Md., on the gritty streets of Poplar Grove. Mike’s decision to make a change in his life was initiated by the series of events that ensued after a night that he will never forget. Mike was influenced by the music of mainstream artist such as Jay-Z, Nas, Tupac. He and his close friend Mark Ske used to write raps for fun and joke about doing music. Mike recently revealed that the first real song he ever wrote was a tribute to his late friend Mark Ske. You can listen to “The Last One” and “Selection Process” on PYL Radio. To become a fan of Mike Body check his links.
http://youtu.be/9XlClZmDiAI (video)
https://twitter.com/1999MikeBody (twitter)
https://www.facebook.com/MicBody (facebook)
https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/last-one/id726190586?i=726190819 (Obtain music)

BuckWheat Catapillar plays the ultimate political-pseudo-comical rockBuckWheat Catapillar plays the ultimate political-pseudo-comical rock

BuckWheat Catapillar plays the ultimate political-pseudo-comical rock

“Buckwheat Catapillar plays Russian Roulette with his guitar”

If you like KC and The Sunshine Band, The Bee Gees, and Leo Sayer chances are you will not like the new release Buckwheat Catapillar entitled Anxiety. However if you Like Iggy Pop, Frank Zappa and getting your face fried crispy hot buy a crazy-azz clown then you will no doubt tumble like a tumbleweed for this CD. BUY CD.

This band from Tacoma, WA is real and genuine.  They make statements with their music.  PYL Radio features two of their songs – Look into the Future and Hitler was a Jerk!  Give them love here http://buckwheatcatapillar.com/  or listen to them on PYL Radio.

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